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Smart phones have become an essential part of daily living. These devices are not just our phones, but also our daily planners, health monitors, phone book, music collections, photo albums and much more.  That is why having a back up of your phone’s data is important in case your device is ever lost, damaged, or replaced.

Backing up your iPhone takes all your data from your phone and creates a copy of it.  Luckily Apple has provided two simple methods to back up your iPhone: iCloud and iTunes.

iCloud is by far the simplest way to backup your device but it has it’s draw backs.  Though you can conveniently back up your device on iCloud wirelessly, Apple only allows you 5Gb of free storage. To store more data on iCloud, you will need to purchase extra space from Apple.

With iTunes, the iPhone’s backup is created on your Mac or PC, by connecting your device to the computer. This allows you to back up as much data as you’d like, as long as your computer has the free space.

This tutorial will show you how to back up your iPhone using either iCloud or iTunes.


First Method
Step 1

Connect your device to a Wi-Fi Network

Step 2

Open the Settings app



Step 3

Select Apple ID  at the top of the menu. The tab should be labeled by your name

iphone settings menu apple id location


Step 4

Tap iCloud to open the iCloud menu

iphone apple id menu icloud location


Step 5

Select iCloud Backup

iphone icloud menu icloud back up location


Step 6

Tap iCloud Backup Toggle to turn it on.

iphone backup menu icloud backup toggle

Step 7

Press OK to confirm backup

iphone icloud backup prompt


Note: The prompt will not appear if iCloud Backup was already turned on for the device. Instead you will see a tab labeled “Back Up Now“. To back up the device again press “Back Up Now”.

iphone back up now toggle



Second Method
Step 1

Open iTunes on your computer and connect your device

Step 2

Select the device when it appears on the iTuens menu.

Step 3

Select Back Up Now to begin process. iTunes will inform you when backup is complete.

itunes back up back up now


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