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How to Disable Find My iPhone

Selling your iPhone? Make sure Find My iPhone feature is disabled!

The Find My iPhone feature was developed for your protection in case your iPhone gets lost or stolen. Because of it’s strong security, its impossible to get into the phone while this service is enabled.

Once this feature is activated, the device gets linked to the owners Apple ID account. The owner can then log in to where they can track their lost or stolen device. Once logged in, the owner will be able to locate the device, lock the device, wipe all user data and even send messages to the iPhone.

Find My iPhone cannot be disabled without the owners apple id account email and password. Because of this, turning of the find my iPhone before you sell your device is a must!

Disable Find My iPhone -From iPhone

Turn on your iPhone

Click on Settings


find my iphone 1


Scroll down and click on iCloud


find my iphone 2


Click on Find My Iphone


find my iphone 3


Toggle the option to the left


find my iphone 4


Enter your password and click Turn Off



Make sure the option is now disabled


find my iphone 6


Make sure Find My iPhone is off


find my iphone off


You’re done!



Second Method:

Disable Find My iPhone – From


Go to

Log in to your iCloud account

find my iphone 10


Click on Settings


find my iphone 11

Select device you would like to remove



Click on the X sign

find my iphone 13


Click on Remove

find my iphone 14


Click on Done

find my iphone 15


You’re done!


Find My iPhone is now off on the selected device.


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