iphone imei

All iPhones have a unique 15 digit identification number that is specific to each individual device. This is called an International Mobile Equipment Identity number, or more commonly known as an IMEI number.

Mobile Carriers use the IMEI to restrict or allow access to their network. For instance, if an iPhone owner informs the carrier of the device being stolen, the carrier uses the IMEI number of the stolen iPhone to blacklist it.  This prevents the stolen phone from accessing the network.

Knowing how to find your  iPhone’s IMEI number is useful when looking to unlock or sell the device.

Here are some ways you can find your device’s IMEI number.

First Method
Step 1

Open the Phone app on your device.

home screen phone app


Step 2

Tap the Keypad and press *#06# on the keypad

IMEI dial keypad


Step 3

A screen will open up displaying the device’s IMEI number

IMEI dial screen pop up



Second Method
Step 1

Open the Settings App



Step 2

Select “General


Step 3

Select “About

iPhone General Menu


Step 4

Scroll down to IMEI number

iPhone About Menu



Third Method


iPhone 6 and older models have the IMEI number on the back-cover of the device.


Step 1

Flip the device over, along the bottom of the back-cover you should find the IMEI number listed.

imei back cover



Fourth Method

iPhones 6s and newer models do not have the IMEI number displayed on the back-cover, you will have to check the sim card tray.

Step 1

Insert a Sim card eject tool into the small hole on the right side of the device.

sim card tray removal


Step 2

Remove the Sim card and the tray.

Sim Tray IMEI


Step 3

Turn tray over to find the device IMEI number etched on the tray.

Sim Tray IMEI 2


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